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We, M/s. Arabian Gulf Mechanical Services & Contracting Co. Ltd., (AGMS) based in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, are one of the leading Marine Contractor operating our fleets with Oil Companies and Port Authorities in Arabian Gulf.We are specialized in providing Marine Services such as towing, tugging, pushing, guiding, piloting, manipulating, berthing & unberthing of ocean going tankers calling at Port loading facilities, carrying out transportation services from offshore facilities, performing standby duties, cleaning sea pollution and maintenance services of buoys, sandblasting/painting the rig platforms, diving and other well testing operations, with different capacities of Tug boats, Crew boats, Supply boats, Well Testing boats, Crane barges, etc.

Our Contact Details:
Arabian Gulf Mechanical Services & Contracting Co. Ltd.,
Al-Safat Center, 5th Floor
Fahad Al-Salem Street
P.O. Box 1348,
Safat – 13014,

Telephone: (+965) 22958067/22958060
Fax: (+965) 22958062

You can also send us an email through our contact page.